Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy V-day!  Check out the DREGstudios! Fan Page on Facebook today to post a pic of yourself "Showing Your Love" (this is open to your own interpretation.)  Winners will get a free print in the mail this week!  Today, I'm going to post a few nudes from several years back in commemoration of the sweetest and sexiest holiday of the year.

Our first piece today is an illustration from 2005 when I was first getting started with the medium of markers.  Lots of my work from that year was random.  This gal made it into my Dip and Trip .45 book (as did a lot of the more random works from 2005-2007.)

"The Dance" (Inks on Paper / 2006)

"The Dance" is from my Scenes of Faith and Devotion exhibit from 2007.  It depicts two nude figures dancing and was a little too racy for the show, so it wasn't included.  I later had an uncensored version of the show at a second venue with all of the intended works on display.  There were a few nice works from this series of figures playing and praying and dancing and such around large flowers.  Most of these works were also highlighted with gel and glitter pens (which is hard to tell from the scan.)
"Love in an Elevator" (2007 / inks on scrap brstol)


  1. I love your contests! Maybe I can win this one too!

  2. great stuff indeed brother

  3. So I am trying to post in your contest...but maybe I am SLOW GURL today.......I keep hitting the link above but taking me to a blank page....hmmmmmm And I am fighting how to post this!!! what the hell I don't have a personal page id url I am sooo not computer smart BRandt thanks man for providing me with a little lower self esteem! hehehe

  4. Crystal, you can click the link to LIKE DREGstudios on the upper-right of my page here or just visit the DREGstudios Art & Design page by searching it on Facebook and post on there!


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