Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Superheroes: Evan and River

Last year, I posted a commissioned portrait of Joey Holmes, my friend Joel Ray's uncle.  This week I went on to draw up Joel's two sons for him as well.  River and Evan came by the apartment a few weeks back so that I could get a picture of them for reference and hang out.  River was talking about getting a heartagram tattooed on himself when he turns 18 and both the boys got talkative when they noticed my graphic novel collection.  Joel knew he wanted two small illustrations of the boys separately and one of them together, we just weren't sure what to have them doing.  River mentioned how cool he thought it would be to have the ability to throw fire as we were talking about different comics and such and after they left, the idea to draw them as comic heroes came to me...
inks on bristol / 2011 / commissioned portrait
Line Work
Initial Sketch
Thumbnail Sketch- Everything starts from humble beginnings!
River & Evan

Click HERE to visit my Portrait Page for more examples and how you can get your own custom portrait started today!

[Update 03/06/2011]
Joel got his portraits picked up from the frame shop and send me a nice picture of the final product on his wall at home... Thanks for the project, Joel!


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