Wednesday, February 9, 2011

VIRAL (Create a Superhero For the Stan Lee Foundation)

Viral Concept Art / 2011 / inks on bristol
An experiment in subdermal networking and the exchange of information by touch transformed scientist Brian Marshall into Viral. He is one with the internet, leaving him omnipotent with the all-knowing eye and ability to control anything managed by computer or network including natural resources, entire weapons arsenals, and the flow of information. 

This is the story my good friend Dan and I developed for The Create a Superhero Contest sponsored by The Stan Lee Foundation, Prismacolor Todd McFarlane and Talenthouse.  The winner will get their design turned into a toy created by McFarlane himself.  Two of my biggest influences and legends of the comic industry will be judging the most popular entries and voting starts, well right NOW!  So I need your help-  just be logged into your Facebook and CLICK HERE and VOTE for Viral on my profile at Talenthouse!

The lucky winner gets a trip to the San Diego Comic Con to meet Stan Lee and a day at Todd McFarlane's Arizona studio.  Thanks for all the support guys!  (And be patient with these links... their site it taking a beating today with the voting just starting.  I'm just one of hundreds of artists so click again if it doesn't connect!)  You can vote through your phone or with Facebook... it's easy!
Sketch and Line Work for Viral Concept Art

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