Friday, March 25, 2011

Illustration Friday: The Banned Birthday Clown

"The Birthday Clown" inks on bristol / 2010
"Toy" is the theme for Illustration Friday today.  I couldn't resist sharing this illustration from 2010.  I was drawing a series of clowns about this time last year and honestly, they all turned out disturbing and creepy.  Clowns have petrified me since childhood- I can't think of anything scarier.  This clown was the "birthday clown," which would probably make any kid dribble in their shorts.  I chose it in reference to this week's theme because of the hand puppets and the concept of the work.

On social networking sites such as Facebook, I've been in the habit of posting art on my friends' profiles on their birthdays.  The past several months I had been using this particular piece for such a purpose.  Last week, I was suddenly unable to upload this work for posting anymore since it had been flagged as vulgar or obscene.  Apparently somebody got offended by the birthday clown.  Why do ya think?

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  1. Jeesh man I didn't get a clown and my birthday was the day before you posted this. Oh well I hate clowns too, pantomimes even.


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