Tuesday, March 1, 2011

VERSUS at MIR Gallery

This Saturday night from 6-9PM, over twenty of the wildest pop surrealist, fantasy, and low brow artists of the Mid-South converge in this no holds barred, kick-in-your-teeth group art event.  This will also be the first exhibit I have curated in a couple of years and from the looks of all the works, every last artist brought their A -game and a brutal, bloody and fantastic outcome to the simple theme I threw at them...
Each artist has one work of art displayed following along with the title of the show, VERSUS.  Creators pitted forces of nature, elements of architecture, cartoons, celebrities, and icons against one another (and in a few instances against even themselves.)  Every single artists represented their craft with beautiful execution, pushing my theme to the limit.

The artists choose the combatants and you get the front row seat during Nashville's Downtown Art Crawl!  Click on the flier to get the full lineup and check out the sneak previews below to get a taste of what you're in for!  VERSUS kicks off at 6PM this Saturday night, March 5th at MIR Gallery (44 Arcade Building / Nashville, TN)

Here are some process pics from the creation of my own entry for the show, Cyborg Steve Jobs VERSUS Cyborg Bill Gates!

Initial Sketch


Monster and Zombie Artist Extraordinaire, Billy Tackett's Frankenstein Vs. The Cube
Erin Lord's Earthworm Jim - "Worm vs. Self"  Groovy indeed
Thomas Payne's "Battle of the Cosmos"
Siamese Twins Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse by Brooke E
Brooke is a very talented up and coming artist who is getting pop surrealism on lock down with her own unique style.  If you like it as much as I do, good news is there's more at www.unfriendlythings.com!
The Dragon vs. The Man of Steel by Roly Viruez (oils on canvas)
 Roly is already an award-winning tattoo artist after only a few years pushing ink.  He can be found at Tattoo Technique on Madison Street here in Clarksville.  I don't know how long he's been slinging oils but he has a masterful control of the medium and also paints some verrrrrrrrrry nice pinup girls.
American Religion II by Jesse Shaw (layered woodcut prints)
See much more of Jesse's intensely political creations at his website, www.americanprintmaker.com.This guy has an ethic like no other when it comes to his craft.  Each work is a few feet tall and takes a month or more to hand carve out of wood blocks and print.  You can stare at this one for hours.

[Click HERE for an interactive map of the Art Crawl including shuttle routes, where to park, and participating galleries]

 UPDATE 03/06/2011

Last night's opening reception for VERSUS was one of the most entertaining nights of my life.  Every artist who participated in this group exhibit really knocked it out of the park with our theme.  There is a tremendous group of visual artists right here in the south making some outrageous and stunning artwork and we got a full dose of them.  I need to offer a very special thanks to Miranda Herrick (MIR Gallery) for hosting our event and trusting my vision for the show.  We had the perfect number of hand picked visionary creators who blew us away with what they came up with.  Hundreds of Art Crawlers (thank you too for braving the cold rain!) converged through the Arcade galleries and provided many of the artists with energetic and insightful feedback on their works.  I saw people pointing, jumping up and down, laughing, arguing their sides, and giving us a full range of emotional response to our artwork.  The crowds at MIR Gallery on first Saturdays never disappoint.  I found myself talking about each and every piece as the night progressed amidst the bedlam of VERSUS!

My finished Cyborg Steve Jobs vs. Cyborg Bill Gates.  I chose a slick brushed silver frame for it that kinda looks like static along with a purple and black double matte. 

My wife, Aurora doesn't take any flack from the likes of me, nevertheless from a joker like El Hombre!

Charles Bennett (El Hombre last night) with his work, "Spoils."  This is another addition to his Hug Life series where men dressed in stuffed animal costumes battle to the death.  Charles really brings the gore and hilarity of it all to life with his watercolors!

Dustin Dirt! with his painting Man vs. Self.  Dustin's hot rod west-coast inspired style is getting him all over the place. 

Aurora with Miranda (MIR Gallery)
Brooke E and Anjeanette Illustration
Dustin Dirt!
Jeff Bertrand
Miranda Herrick
Randy McQuien Jr

Michelle Duckworth makes some beautiful works on wood using a variety of inks and stains.  I'm anxious to add one to the collection myself!
My buddy Dan with El Hombre!
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