Friday, June 3, 2011

Illustration Friday: A Gallery Scene (Collaboration with Miranda Herrick)

We'll round out this week with a collaboration for Illustration Friday's theme, "Shadows."  Ironically, this past Saturday, I exhibited some new collaborations with photographer Chad Spann at Flashed Photography (click here for the post.)  I found it fitting to share another collaboration with you this week, only this one is a bit older.  

"A Gallery Scene" inks on bristol / 2007 (Brandt Hardin and Miranda Herrick)
When I saw the theme this week, the drop-shadow off of the child figure in this work immediately came to mind.
Back in 2007, I collaborated with a fellow artist Miranda Herrick.  Miranda works with very intricate, visionary patterns to make some very psychedelic works!  Miranda had given me some pads of scrap paper from where she was cutting perfect squares out of bristol board for her work.  What was left were these long 14 inch strips.  All the works I did on these were multi-paneled and matted similar to what you see here.  When I began the work, I left the large frame which the child is looking at empty.  Miranda filled this with her own design.

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