Friday, September 23, 2011

Illustration Friday: Mangy Mickey

Inks on Bristol / 2010
IF's theme of FEROCIOUS immediately made me think of my rabies-ridden mess of a Mickey Mouse I did for Jeff Bertrand and Studio 83's 5 Themes 15 Artists exhibit last year. One of the themes for all participating creators was to take a Disney Character and turn them into a Garbage Pail Kid.  All five themes were challenging and fun but I believe that many of the artists found a special place in their hearts to go with this one.

Here's my Mangy Mickey for Illustration Friday this week!  He's actually only part of my holy trinity of Garbage Pail Disney abominations which also includes Musty Minnie and Parvo Pluto.  Where are they?  Hanging out over at my article about the exhibit from last year in which you can see ALL of my entries and some pics from the opening reception by CLICKING HERE!


  1. Love it! Perfect for the theme! Those Garbage Pail Kids sure brought back memories too! Crazy stuff! POP ART MINIS


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