Saturday, September 17, 2011

Purple Haze: Jimi Hendrix

On tomorrow's date, September 18th of 1970 Jimi Hendrix was found dead at the age of 27.  His iconic sound seared in the footsteps of a soul burning his light far too bright for this plane of existence.  We owe a whole lot of what we know about hard music to Jimi twisting and tuning his instrument to his possessed ear and entrancing his generation as well as those echoing past.  Just as the artist broke from realism and gopped paint onto a canvas and morphed his muse to a surreal ballet of movement and distortion, Jimi turned guitar rock into an interstellar experience.  Drop by Rock Star Martyr on the anniversary of his death tomorrow for a new article citing fact and legend, myth and corroboration and a story that will cut both ways from Joebot's silver forked tongue.  Here's the artwork which will accompany his words as our project continues and we commemorate the passing of the legends of music on the anniversary of their deaths.
"Purple Haze" inks on bristol / 2011


  1. hi thanks for the message, you asked how jimi influenced me, well I play guitar and have been for the best part of twenty odd years because of his woodstock performance. your art is fucking awesome by the way how cool are you!!!!

  2. Thanks Nick- Jimi's music can inspire many modes of our art... glad his voice and sound found their way into yours.

  3. Jimi Hendrix is the Sexual Revolution!

  4. Indeed... pure sex dripping from his fingertips.

  5. Brandt, your Hendrix portrait illustration is incredible!
    You really captured the Hoodoo in the Voodoo Chile!
    "Like Wow Man" your artwork is TRULY psychedelic!!!
    (if i can overcome my *fear* i will purchase some of your stuff!!;)

    1. Thanks for the wonderful comment! I have plenty of prints in my store seeking good homes and I hope to get some originals up for sale soon also!

  6. just bought a copy of your Sacred Texts prints... looks enthralling... best to you in your artistic endeavors! --dandor

  7. your picture is hypnotizing me! iv been into jimi for a long time every time i see him or hear his music i get tingles! he washes my soul with his playihg so fluid, and the way he holds the guitar and his deep seatle voice! hope this movie does the man justice!

  8. Love that people are still talking about Jimi today. Thanks for keeping the conversatiion going.

  9. love your art man. Is this print for sell anywhere?


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