Tuesday, January 24, 2012

ART (and PEACE) for your EARS

THIS Saturday night, I'll be involved with My Hero | My Villain, a ONE NIGHT ONLY Group Art exhibit at No Egrets Tattoo Studio here in Clarksville featuring a plethora of regional artists who are creating a lowbrowpalooza of the south with Joe Melanson and the shop's help.  If you've been missing out on these exhibits, I'm upping the ante this time around with a MULTIMEDIA exhibit that you can ONLY experience LIVE this Saturday.  My boy TEADS has been mixing up some dubstep theme tracks to go with four portraits I've painted in Superhero Surrealism for the show.  His tracks will be featured on headphone sets which will be hung with the art so the viewer can listen and look to experience this multimedia experience!
Last night, I got a little crafty when I was playing with the headphone sets I purchased to use in the installation this Saturday.  Using some of my foil peace sign stickers, I made the headsets a little more DREGish...
The stickers themselves were just a hair too big for the stickers so I cut our the center bones of the peace signs!

The silver borders on the headphones set them off- it was like it was meant to be!

You can try one on THIS Saturday night!

I wanted to challenge myself with this installation by creating four NEW paintings.  I've only really been painting the past few years live and in group situations so the work for My Hero | My Villain is new territory for me in more ways than one!  RSVP at the Facebook Event Page to come this Saturday and see what IRON MAN is drinking, how the HULK transforms, what bit SPIDERMAN, and BATMAN in a straight jacket!  All four paintings will feature original theme music composed by TEADS!

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