Thursday, January 19, 2012

IRON MAN on the Rocks

Acrylic on Canvas / 2012
January is full of heroism and villainy here at DREGstudios as we prepare for My Hero | My Villain curated by Joe Melanson at No Egrets Tattoo ONE NIGHT ONLY on Saturday, January 28th!

I've spent the past few Sundays teaming up with Amateur Supervillain Charles "Wolfie" Bennett at his lair of acrylic and gouache solitude to paint new material for this unique exhibit.  I am doing four acrylic paintings on canvas which will be the basis of a collaborative multi-media display you can ONLY EXPERIENCE IN PERSON!

On New Year's Day, I showed you the first painting- HULK SMASH! and I've kept a tight seal on my Spiderman which I painted the Sunday after.  Alas, I do have new treats today though with some process pictures from my Iron Man painting.  I decided to go with the old school original armor suit Tony Stark donned long before he became the drunk we love and adore today in reds and golds.  I teamed this Golden Age relic up with his modern habit of the drink though.  What do you figure a billionaire superhero sips on?

To see the final products, I hope you make it out to the exhibit next weekend!  For now, check out these process pictures from my painting session at The Wolfman's...

I was trying to get another preview of the exhibit for you with Charles' Invisible Virgin but all I got was the finger... and that's all anyone will get from Wolfie if you don't bring yer ass to the show!

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