Monday, April 16, 2012

Our First Yart Sale (with Bar-B-Que, Banjos and Bulldogs)

Hogan proves that Dogs also love Art!
Yesterday was our first go at a Yart Sale here in Clarksville, which turned out to be successful in many facets.  Chad Spann hosted this unique event where artists were free to set up tables, sell art and paint live on the lawn.  Despite a hilarious start to the day with a wind-crippled tent, purchase inquires on anything from Chad's grill to my camera, and some overcast skies, the day turned out to be a success in several facets.  I made some great contacts with local folks interested in everything from family portraits to murals and even found a home for a few original works of art and several prints.

Keep an eye out because we'll probably have a repeat performance at another location sometime soon!  If you didn't make it by Sunday, here are some pictures from throughout the day...

Works of Art from the Buy the Numbers exhibit Charles and I had last fall

Grillmaster and Host Chad Spann kept us fed and entertained all day!

Spray paint and splattered background for the first painting of the day

Since Chad was feeding up Pork Chop Sandwiches, we drew from real life for the subject of our first painting of the day!

Charles' Pork-inspired tattoos...
This pic I got of Chad shredding on his banjo may very well end up being his first album cover!

Nathan Parker Painting
Spray-painted background for the second group painting

Chad and Charles Painting

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