Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday

According to Chapter 19 from the Book of John in The Holy Bible, Christ was crucified at Calvary on a Friday.  As with Christian tradition, today is Good Friday (and quite possibly the last one in human history if you prescribe to Mayan lore as well) where the church begins its celebration of the death of their martyr culminating on Easter Sunday. After three days, Jesus rose from the grave in some zealot zombie state to bring Christianity and all that goes with it to a world eager for answers of their origin and purpose.  

Inks on Bristol / 2012
Today I wanted to share with you a very unique commission I had the honor of drawing a few months back.   A young lady recently contacted me about my Sacred Texts series with a very open mind and a love for religious art.  She had initially inquired about my illustration, "After the Crucifixion"- a work which had already found a home with my Grandmother, a devout Christian.  We decided instead to include Amy herself in a Pieta scene as is traditionally depicted with Mary holding the body of Christ, having been brought down off the cross.  This depiction was first brought to reality and the world of art by Michelangelo in statue form over 600 years ago.  My illustration of The Pieta uses Daniele Crespi's Pieta painting from the 17th Century as a reference.

Detail from Initial Sketch
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