Sunday, April 22, 2012

STAR TREK Zombies from the Zombie Walk of Fame!

inks on bristol / 2010-2012
I'm still stumbling along here on the Zombie Walk of Fame trying to finish up what is now a process spanning over 18 months.  You're officially 70% of the way from seeing the full series of 101 celebrity zombifications of stars from the Hollywood Walk of Fame!  I brought you here today to give you a sneak peek at two subjects of my recent artistic butchery with the two most famous Captains in the United Federation of Planets!  I was delighted to find in my research for this project both William Shatner and Patrick Stewart had earned the honor of their spot on Hollywood Blvd and would be included.  I finally got around to coloring them so here's some process pictures for your fresh eyes of my Star Trek Zombies...

Up close on some of the zombification details- the trick with these portraits was add the zombie gore but keep the actor recognizable. 

William Shatner / Captain Kirk Zombie in Progress

Up close with the Patrick Stewart / Jean-Luc Picard Zombie!

The finished products!
Which is your favorite Captain?


  1. thanks for posting.

  2. I wathed several times the star trek zombies. Very entertaining because I'm having fun!


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