Sunday, September 16, 2012


Detail from GAGGLE of TONGUES
The mucus has been flying this week as my body picked the nicest weather of the year here in Tennessee to break down and get sick.  I needed a change of pace on my day off from the office since I'd been either working or cooped up on the couch reading comic books and flinging snot from my head all week.  The Wolfman rounded up myself and The American Printmaker Jesse Shaw from our caves to go wild on a panel this afternoon and catch some of the sun.

Charles and I got started with a spray paint and acrylic background before the real visual fiesta began.  Often with art, the fun is in the journey. We had no idea what we were painting today until the brushes hit the board.  We sent Jesse home with this maniacal collaboration, which he'll be showing to his students at APSU.  He's been talking to them about the creative process and getting them relaxed to make art for the sake of making art.  Our Sunday backyard painting sessions are just that- brainstorms, anarchy and all out channeling of the creative spirit.  When one of us would ask, "What's the story here?"  There'd be some smirking and chuckling as if we're all three tuned to this inside joke.  I'd be interested to hear what the class has to say.  

Painting by Charles Bennett, Brandt Hardin and Jesse Shaw
 Here are several more process pictures from this afternoon's painting...

Jesse Shaw laying out his Trail of Tongues

Charles splattering some Drool Action

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