Sunday, September 23, 2012


The Wolfman and I decided to get out of town and into some natural surroundings for this Sunday's collaborative painting session.  We ventured closer to the neck of the woods I grew up in at Cross Creeks National Wildlife Refuge nestled between Dover and Cumberland City, TN.  We knocked out a couple of paintings this afternoon in the midst of the beauty of it all.  Yesterday, Charles painted a similar cybernetic suit hunting Sushi (Click HERE for MORE.)  Today, we did something similar only with some fungi!

Spray Paint and Acrylic on Masonite / 2012 
Check back later this week for our larger painting from this session, called CATCH of the DAY, which we recorded on film.  I'll have another one of our crowd-pleasing time lapse videos in the works soon with the footage!  For now, here are a couple of more shots of "Mushroom Safari" along with a slew of nature pics from our voyage...

Cross Creeks National Wildlife Refuge, was established in 1962 for the primary purpose of providing feeding and resting habitat for migrating waterfowl in the Tennessee-Kentucky portion of the Mississippi flyway. The 12-mile long refuge consists of rolling hills and high rocky bluffs along the rich bottomlands of the Cumberland River. Hardwood forests make up one-third of the 8,862-acre refuge. With the remaining acres of impounded water, marsh, brush and farmland, this area provides an ideal setting for migrating waterfowl. The refuge also provides suitable habitat for more than 245 other species of birds and numerous species of mammals, reptiles, amphibians and insects.... (Read MORE at Great Outdoor Recreation Pages.)

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