Saturday, December 29, 2012

The MERRIMENT of Christmas!

My brand-spanking new MUNNY to paint (which came with an assortment of toys including a TV and a Banana!  This was one of the coolest gifts I got this year, courtesy of my Ultimate Art Wife!  (Click HERE to see what I got LAST year!)
 In turn, I wanted to give my wife some unique gifts this year, which included Mikey the Motherfuckin' Monkey!

At the beginning of December, I drew my custom Christmas Card for 2012 which was mailed out to my customers and friends!

TEADS sending back some love from out West!

My sister sporting the DREGstudios! Swag while road-tripping it!

A little gift for the Good Reverend of the crazies at Westboro Baptist Church (since Anonymous leaked their addresses recently, I figured why not? Tis the Season!) Click HERE for more on my Portrait of Fred Phelps...

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