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Top 10 Comments of 2012 on!

“People can tell you to keep your mouth shut, but that doesn't stop you from having your own opinion.”
 -Anne Frank

I take delight in folks voicing their opinions here on my site.  Whether slander or praise, blind acceptance or nitpickery, we take all comers.  Here are the Top 10 Rants and Raves visitors have posted here on DREGstudios! in 2012...

“The man who never alters his opinion is like standing water, and breeds reptiles of the mind.”
-William Blake

[10]  I am a Topekan. Raised here since I was 1 year old. And I have been subjected to the hate that the WBC preaches. They protested my senior prom. They protested my high school graduation. Hell, they even protested my band concerts. The pathetic thing is that I went to school with some of these kids that hold the signs. I can remember being in grade school and one kid in particular who was in my grade never celebrated holidays. None. No birthdays. No Christmas. Nothing. As a child, my family would be going to dinner and there the group would be, on a busy street corner, spending their hate. My mother would always have us put our heads down to keep us from seeing the signs. To me, Im disgusted that Topeka is known for such a thing. But I am happy that more people are starting to take action. High schoolers holding peace signs next to them can only do so much (a group of my friends and I did this in high school). Thank you for your post, Im happy that people are learning about this.

-Alisah on Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church:  Burning Gay


-Anonymous on The WAR on Thanksgiving: One Turkey's Revenge on Christmas

[08]  The good doctor did more than take drugs- he became the drugs, for me anyway, opening my mind to possibilities i'd never imagined while reassuring me that there were many good reasons to be angry. he was one of the few truly great communicators of his time. and as dark as his work could sometimes be, the fact that he wrote - so much and so well - testified to an optimism that others also cared and things could change.

-Dugg on In Memoriam: Hunter S. Thompson

[07]  Is it my imagination or do I see the words "Final Solution" and hear Adolf's ranting implied in your posting? 

-Edgar Valderrama on Happy 100th Gipper!

[06]  He was actually murdered! the truth will prevail when cuntney is on her death bed! 

-Anonymous on In Memoriam: Kurt Cobain and Layne Staley

[05]   Creationism/ID is based on blind-faith. Blind-faith is dependent upon free-will wielding devotees and cannot ever stand up to the rigors of scientism. Further, science needs no such human happens with or without humans being present.I would be inclined to trust that life here on Earth has been a petri dish for "cosmic farmers" sowing and collecting DNA, than the infant drivel spewing from blind-faith wielding religious yahoos! Keep up the great work Brandt and thanks for sharing a good article. Sorry for the Tn. kids who have to be contaminated by "Monkey-brained" mentalities and free-will stifling dogma.

-Anonymous on The Pulpit in the Classroom: A Biblical Agenda in Tennessee

[04]  Ha! Hippy 


[03]  Actually it has been scientifically proven that the Reed Sea (mistranslated as the Red Sea) could have been parted, but not necessarily by Moses himself. Just good timing. I'm not arguing with anyone or taking a side. Just though I'd share an interesting fact. 0_o 

-Anonymous on Holy Rollin' Poultry on a Cross (Chick-fil-A as the Modern Martyr)

[02]  You Tea (Nut) Baggin', Right Bangers better wake up!  Take off those "Rose Colored" glasses and pull your Monsanto genetically engineered, corn fed polluted grey matter brains, mired deep within the, "Rich Mitt RoMONEY and Paul "Med-i-could careless" Ryan hoopla hole. Paul and Mittens are for business--BIG BUSINESS, like: FDA, USDA, BIG PHARMA, MONSANTO, OIL and GAS.  RoMONEY and RyCUTS will suck the marrow out of small businesses; buying them out (stomping them out) and resource out those willing to bend over barrels.  Romney built his business all right; built by "BLOOD MONEY" of killers. Do yourselves a favor and research: Bain, Blood Money, Death Squads, El Salvador. "You didn't build it."  You damn right.  Romney DIDN'T build it--El Salvador Death Squads built RoMONEY's Bain (Blood-Ain't-It-Nothin' but Blood Bath") Company.  RoMONEY is like Palin--only with a tie.  And Ryan?  Also like Palin; picked to "resuscitate " a drowning GOP platform.   McCain was...well, a War Hero and to me, will ALWAYS BE, a WAR HERO.  But Palin was McCain's and the GOP's downfall.  Palin was, feminine, smart (?) and then she opened her mouth.  And again.  And again.  Lord! Women wanted to stuff a rag down her throat; young and old, black and white and everything in between.  And the guys?  The guys used Palin to keep women out of politics.   Lucky for the ladies there are the strong, smart, beautiful and courageous women willing to tighten up their boot straps, roll up their sleeves, take off their subservient gloves, step forward and make men flinch, step back, shut their mouths and listen. And Lyin', Ryan? Just like McCain, RoMONEY chose a "pretty."  And just like the GOP diehards-- superficial, plastic and shallow, "does it" for them. Lyin' Ryan wants more "Military Spending."  Really? Do we need MORE military spending? OK, on what? New technology that'll take years to plan, finance, build, test, retest and when finally getting the go ahead for assembly line--they're OUTDATED. More $$$$$$ flushed down the deficit hole. Red Neck Patriots are thinking that military spending is for, "Security"  and "Gear" for our MEN (oh, and the women, too...whatever.) But it's not for the "Troops."  It's, BIG BUSINESS AND THEIR CONTRACTORS who "get the money." Wake up America...and you too, GOP, TeaBagNuts! You that identify with the, "Few, the Proud and the Brave."  Ya'll are being "whipped" and "shackled" in chains. And not in a good way.  You're being "corralled" like the hormone, toxic shot-up beef, pork, chicken, lamb and fish you stuff down your throats.  And who is banking on your "patriotism"?  BIG BUSINESS of the WORLD. Not the "Mom and Pop" businesses, nor the, "I did it on my own" small businesses. Here's a News Flash: NO ONE ever does it on "Their Own." Somewhere along the way, a "Teacher" helped you, motivated you; or some other "Mentor" encouraged you to "be all you can be." Your parents paid for your schooling, or supported you in some way; maybe your church sponsored you, or you "wooed" your way into a "rich" aunt's or uncle's will or good blessings. And maybe even a business sent you to school while you earned a paycheck on the basement floor of, "go-for-this-and-go-for-that."  Either way, YOU and everyone who starts a business, has the backing of SOMEONE or someone's MONEY, or someone's FRIEND of SOMEONE, or a BANK lent you money. You DID NOT do it on your own.  And know this: If you vote for RoMONEY and RyNOT-stiff-the-old out of Med-i-could-care-less, Ryan... you will have chosen…UNwisely.

-Anonymous on Mitt Romney's Magic Mormon Underwear

[01]  ^^^ NeWfaG. This troll is fucking archaic. It's really archaic. It's flame trolling 101. Which is what most trolls do because flame trolling is the easiest to learn. It's easy to incite anger on the internet. But I didn't see any real creativity here. Basically the old "start a religion flame post" tactic. It's like watching a vintage black and white movie. But a bad one. One of those Turner classics or some mess that people forgot due to it's bad pacing and blatant display of script biting.I think if anything positive can come out of this thread, it would be the validation of the lack of creative ideas. It's almost as though you can find solace in the fact that some people(no matter how hard they try) will always resort to biting things from the past. It's an act of desperation. Desperation in the sense that they are almost begging for attention from people on the internet who give two shits less about them. Wasting their energy and burning calories on their semen glazed keyboard. 

-Michael McKelvey on Holy Rollin' Poultry on a Cross (Chick-fil-A as the Modern Martyr)

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