Tuesday, December 4, 2012

PSYCHO SANTA is Coming to Town!

I sat down to illustrate my 2012 DREGstudios! Christmas Card this week and ended up whirling about a Topsy-Turvy design from what started as jussssst a Psycho Santa!  I'll be finishing him up for a brand-spanking-new card which will be send out to my mailing list of collectors, friends and loved ones.  If you want on my List, send your snail mail address to dregstudios@gmail.com.  Once you're on my X-mas list, you're always on BUT if you've MOVED since last year and need to update your address with me, drop a line also because Return to Sender Custom Christmas Cards make Baby Jesus sad.  Here's the progress on this year's swag...
"Topsy-Turvy: Psycho Santa"

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