Wednesday, June 26, 2013

#StandWithWendy Women Have a Right to Choose

I didn't quite have time today to make some snazzy pink shoe art to honor Senator Wendy Davis of Texas for her actions last night so this quick meme will have to suffice.  Every now and then an election official rises to the occasion to support her constituents in their needs and human rights.  Texas officials yesterday attempted to pass a bill which would have limited abortions in the state by extreme measures while shutting down the vast majority of abortion clinics in the state.  Senator Davis stood in opposition of this bill for over 11 hours without a break in her now-iconic pink sneakers.  Even when the Republican majority shut her down, it was just a few minutes too late for their vote on the bill to count.  Protesters chanted, "Let Her Speak, Let Her Speak!"



  1. AnonymousJune 27, 2013

    is this same women for gun control? if so why? she just helped murder more which is it?
    as long as the women want abortions its ok, but no guns cause its gonna kill a child? HUH!

  2. AnonymousJune 27, 2013

    What an idiotic comment comparing women's rights to gun control issues... I bet you are a man that haven't got the faintiest idea what is to be a woman. A woman's right to choose must be kept intact...Jerk!

  3. AnonymousJune 28, 2014

    People are so fucking stupid and brainwashed. I don't support it, but if a skank wants to get an abortion I do agree it's her choice....just as long as I don't have to pay for it in any way whatsoever.


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