Sunday, July 14, 2013

Nashville Zoo at Grassmere

Caribbean Flamingo
Graced with perfect Tennessee weather, Aurora and I spent our Sunday morning at the Nashville Zoo where we got some wonderful colorful shots of the creatures who call Grassmere home.  If you've never been, the staff are a treat and very informative during the entire visit.  The majority of the walkways are shaded well with bamboo and foliage as you jaunt across bridges and streams through the habitats they've created for the wildlife.  The scenery across the entire park is as beautiful and interesting as the animals at times.  Today was especially nice in that it was a free trip courtesy of my employer, Environmental Water Systems.  My boss Eric took my staff out as a reward for reaching our quarterly sales goal. The entire team truly enjoyed the experience- a terrific perk to helping folks get clean water for a living!

Blue Poison Arrow Frog

Giant Cockroaches!

Rhinoceros Iguana

Hyacinth Macaw

Pink Flamingos!

Rainbow Lorikeet

Saddlebill Stork

Damara Zebra

Bengal Tiger


Eurasian Lynx

Giraffes (One of them is pregnant we're told!)

Siamang Ape

Up Close... this guy's got skill.

White Cheeked Ginnbon

African Elephants

He never forgets...

Elephant Skull!
Red Panda

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