Friday, July 5, 2013

Rednecks Playing with Fireworks

Last night, Aurora and I had the distinct privilege of hosting a small group of our rowdy friends to throw down for the 4th of July as well as host our friend Alex's Birthday Party.  It's always good to see old friends and share drinks, laughs and fellowship.  Living in a military town, it was like World War III in our neighborhood as we couldn't count to five between explosions which began in the afternoon and ran far into the night.  We had quite a display of our own to hoot and holler at.  All the colorful disaster in the skies must have amped us up seeing as things didn't shut down until past 2AM!

Here are some colorful pictures Aurora and I got of the festivities.  For the fireworks shots, she put the camera on a long exposure to capture the apocalyptic burn of it all!

Halo of Chicken

The Spread

I wound up prepping a painting for Joe Melanson to take with him for Pop Art Shopping Cart, an exhibit he'll be curating in Nashville here in a few weeks!

Joe's Clever Southern Ink

Photo by Chad Spann

You damn kids' fireworks stink!

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