Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Detail from "PURPLE REIGN"
After some trivial computer setbacks this past week, I've FiNALLY finished encoding the most recent Southern Pop Surrealism painting session from last week.  We had planned an exhibit for these paintings in a multimedia show, which has currently been put on hold from the venue we had lined up.  Keep your eyes and ears open though for as soon as we find a fitting space, the new show will be a reality.  Our master plan is to display the paintings with QR codes printed out next to them.  Upon scanning these codes with their mobile devices, the gallery guests will be able to watch our videos right there in front of the paintings!  If you've been to an art gallery, you know that nothing compares to seeing the artwork in real life and this will be an opportunity to combine the online experience with the gallery experience!

"PURPLE REIGN" Acrylics and Spray Paint on Wood Panels / 2013
Wolfman Bennett, Brandt Hardin and Jesse Shaw

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