Thursday, August 15, 2013

Soft Serve dOOdle

Blue Ink Pen on Scrap Paper
The inception of soft serve ice cream was purely a mistaken one.  On Memorial Day weekend back in 1934, a Mr. Tom Carvel was stranded in his ice cream truck with a flat tire in New York.  In an effort to move his inventory before it completely melted, Tom sold his thawing dairy delights to vacationers passing along the road.  The softer the ice cream got, word spread and he sold out.  The surge of business served as an inspiration to the young entrepreneur who two years later opened a permanent ice cream stand on the very lot he had broken down on to find good fortunes.  Capitalizing on his experiences, he kept his ice cream at lower temperatures and soft serve was born!

This dOOdle's been in the sun too long but I'm not certain it will make him more marketable... click HERE for the ENTIRE dOOdle ARCHIVE!

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