Tuesday, August 6, 2013

WHAT did that #ZOMBIE SAY?! (PLUS a Zombie Walk of Fame UPDATE!)

Nom Nom Nom Nom! Here's a quick dose of miniature zombification I threw down via dOOdling the other day utilizing a piece of blank card stock....

Blue Ink Pen on Yellow Card Stock / 4in x 6in

 You've seen plenty of decaying, brain-craving madness here at DREGstudios over the past couple of years.  The big question is- Where in the HELL is the Zombie Walk of Fame book?!  Welllllllll, it's coming I promise.  The entire book it designed, arranged and edited in it's 120+ pages of FULL COLOR gore and glory as of this past weekend.  Soon I'll be ordering a proof copy and am hoping to launch a KickStarter campaign to crowd-fund the printing this Autumn!  I'm looking forward to your audience and your input when they're released after what will end a three-year project for me (by far the longest I've spent on any body of work.)

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