Wednesday, April 20, 2016

HAPPY HOLIDAZE! 4/20 Stoner Art from Many Ages

"Fruit of the Earth" (Colored Pencils on Paper / 1999)
Today is everyone's favorite counter culture holiday! To celebrate (aside from the rather obvious rituals), I'm sharing some stoner art I've created over the years which all feature the plant of the day: cannabis.  My own history with the sweet leaf and its influence on my art roots back to my teenage years.  In an effort to account for my experiences with experimentation, I would often write or draw while under the influence.  Pot has helped expand my consciousness to the possibilities of the Universe as well as serving as a destressing agent at the end of my evening.  Hope all my friends, family, audience and tribe have a safe and insightful day!

"Visionary Herb" Triptych (Inks on Bristol Board / 2008) 

"Cloud Nine" (Inks on Bristol Board / 2009)

"Bob Marley" (Inks on Paper / 2011)

"Doobie Doodle" (Gel Pen on Scrap Paper / 2013)

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