Monday, May 16, 2016


Over the weekend, I set up shop at FanBoy Expo in Nashville.  This was FanBoy's first visit to Music City and they'll be growing their convention and local audience over the years to come.  The weekend was a good experience for me to get my beak wet and network with some folks in the industry.  This was my first Comic Con since losing my job and spreading my art wings the past 90 days.  Thanks to all my supportive friends and digital tribe for getting me here!  The commission and internet sales have really helped launch me into action since the beginning of March.  I had a lot of fun seeing the show myself and making new friends!  Here are some pics from the weekend...

DREGstudios! Swag

I caught Skeletor before the doors opened... one of my favorite cosplayers of the weekend!

One of the joys I get from doing live events is speaking with young artists.  Often parents will mention their kid's interest in drawing and I always tell them encouragement is the key.  I got to meet 9 year old Joseph Kelley in the Artists Alley this weekend!  In the ultimate act of encouragement, his dad bought him a table at the con to display his artwork.  Joseph went to Wizard World in Nashville last year and his parents helped him live the dream by being an exhibiting artist at FanBoy Expo!  Someone needs to give them a parenting award!  The promoters even gave him a plug on their website along side the industry artists who were on hand- how cool?  Young Joe cleaned up and made a slew of fans to whom he sold his prints; I traded him one of my own Deadpool prints in an artists' swap!

A lot of Deadpool action over the weekend...

Spiderman-Captain America mashup!  I though this was crazy creative!

I asked little Vader for her "mean" face.  Mom got the joke- apparently Dad has the t-shirt with Vader's many emotions.

Black Widow

Chewbacca was a crowd favorite!

Mr TJ Cantwell kept the crowd going and MC'd the panels for the weekend.  He is also the proud owner of the coolest damn suit on the planet.

So Stormtroopers, Indiana Jones and The Avengers walk into a bar...

Super cool Harley Quinn and Joker couple

Steampunk wickedness

Star Wars Cosplayers

His spidey sense was going haywire because I'm a villain

Adam and Shannon Prince do awesome work as Nashville's Dark Knight!  They work with non-profit organizations by providing super heroes for events with kids.  Adam is Batman and Shannon plays a variety of DC starlets!  They also work with a line of artisans and network with cosplayers to help them find reliable artists to help craft their own cosplay outfits!  Click HERE to LIKE Nashville's Dark Knight on facebook- cool folks!

FanBoy Expo's flagship event is in Knoxville where this year they'll have some huge guests like Ric Flair and William Shatner among many other celebrities and artists including yours truly!  The event is June 24-26:  Click HERE for ticket info and to read more about the event!

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