Sunday, May 1, 2016

MAY DAY: Celebrating Workers' Rights

Today is International Workers' Day and I wanted to celebrate those who have fought for workers' rights by creating an illustration to honor the international workforce.

Inks on Bristol Board / 2016 / Brandt Hardin

Organized labor should be every American and every human being's right as a working member of society.  For decades, American workers rallied, protested and risked their lives to usher in an era of rights for the generations who built our country.  Today, Americans face troubled times as Right to Work legislation hinders their ability to unionize and fight for fair pay and benefits.  The international workforce faces even more dire conditions as child labor and deplorable work conditions exist across the world driven by the corporate greed which has created a global marketplace.  In a networked world, we have access to organize and unite our voices more than any other time in human history.  Celebrate workers' rights today by empowering yourself with knowledge and action...

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