Saturday, May 6, 2017

Pictures from Free Comic Book Day

Today was an absolute blast in Nashville, where I had the chance to see some familiar faces and meet plenty of new fans for Free Comic Book Day!  Special thanks to Rick's Comic City for hosting the event and having a fantastic turnout!  A fun crowd of fellow geeks kept me busy with commissions and conversation all day long- I enjoyed every minute...

My cousin Sam and his partner in crime, Ben dropped by to say hi and got a nice pic of the DREGstudios! Table

Client with a commissioned illustration of The Arrow!  He'll be getting the actor from the show, Stephen Amell to autograph it for him at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest later this summer!

Detail pic of the Arrow commission

James has an awesome project going on with this Sketchbook.  He commissions different artists draw their favorite comic character doing a Hulk Hogan pose on each page!  I was honored to create the latest addition with this Batman who has a Hulk 'stache and is asking the crowd if they want more

Batgirl, Supergirl, and Wonder Woman Commission

Twisted Batman live drawing I created over coffee as the show got started this morning


If you brought two cents, leave them here...

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