Sunday, April 17, 2011

Freestyles in Red and Purple

Sometimes I just have to free my hands up and let my mind wander and be nimble.  It's like doing Tai Chi on paper- laying down some loose lines and tightening them up and bringing them together with your skills.  Last night I just took a red pen and a pad of bristol board and let myself have fun and draw in and out of watching a movie.  I haven't drawn like this in a while having been much more conceptual with my work the past two years.  What came out was a full page Topsy-Turvy, which you can see here either side up...
"Topsy-Turvy: RED freestyle" Red Pen on Bristol / 2011
I had so much fun running that red pen around that I picked up a purple one when I was finished...
"Topsy-Turvy: PURPLE freestyle" Purple Pen on Bristol / 2011
Now the big debate is whether to color these bad boys or not?  (Just with a very light palette on each.)  Any suggestions?  Yes?  No?

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