Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Freestyling Nautical Stars

I've always loved painting on objects.  I got to do a little something different a couple of weeks back which turned out to be quite a unique project.  Here's some pics from a recent commission for my buddy Joel Ray.  He dropped off two metal nautical stars from his walls at home for me to paint every other side (to keep with the traditional look of the star.)  I had been debating what color scheme to use with the stars laying around for a few weeks.  I opted to free style on them with a silver sharpie and this is what turned out...

Here are the stars as they arrived to me.
...and here are the finished products!
Check out the time lapse video I made of the 2nd star.  The first one took a bit longer- this video is also sped up 800x...

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