Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter with Incarnations of Jesus

"Trinitarian Christ" inks on Bible page / 2007
Welcome to a time of year loaded with moral and religious high ground.  THE week started with Passover on Sunday on which I did exercises to limber my mind up after Rivers and Spires before I slid into Wednesday (4/20)- a night for reflection in which I cranked out some wonderful sketches for my Random Acts of Vibrance series as well as some other projects.  My week went totally Topsy-Turvy throughout Good Friday / Earth Day bringing me to the day we celebrate the myth and legend of the original Zombie himself...

Both of these works are from my Sacred Texts series, which were on display at the Tennessee Art League this past January - March...
"After the Crucifixion"  inks on page from a found copy The Holy Bible / 2007

"I have immunity from the Risen Jesus... and nobody beats The Riz."
-Mason Verger, from Hannibal

"Chocolate Jesus" inks on bristol / 2008 (for an online exhibit featuring works inspired by the music of Tom Waits)

You Too Can Witness the Incredible Winking Jesus, one of the very first things I ever witnessed on the world wide web.

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