Friday, February 17, 2012


Being a native Michigander, I was delighted for my art to be accepted into the annual Ball of Perversion in Detroit called Dirty Show, curated by Mr. Jerry Vile.  As with tradition, the world-wide art exhibit and performances were hosted in Bert's Warehouse Theater during the week of Valentine's Day.  All the decadent debauchery includes Live Performances, Dirty Art, Music, Dancing and More!  One of these years, I'll actually make the exhibit in the flesh- this was my third year being accepted into the art exhibition and I plan on continuing my participation since my own dirty creations have been so well received.

You can still purchase tickets online for this weekend's show times on Friday and Saturday as well for NEXT Saturday night, February 25th (being held over for one extra night due to the success this year!) Just log on to the Official Dirty Show site to get the details or call 1-800-838-3006 to order by phone as they DO have SOLD OUT nights at the Event!

So what in the World did I put in this year's exhibit?  You don't necessarily have to make the trip to D-Town to find out- just check my Tumblr by CLICKING HERE!  HINT: It involves facial hair AND vagina of all color and creed.  

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