Thursday, February 2, 2012

Red Dots and Heart-Bending Art!

with Richard at his opening in The Downtown Artists' Co-Op
Tonight was the First Thursday Art Crawl here in town and I dipped down for the last hour or so tonight to see Richard's Hogan's "LOTS OF RED DOTS" and also check out the Roxy Regional Theatre's Valentine's Art Exhibit which I had a collaborative work with curator Miranda Herrick showing.

Richard has been a source of encouragement for me and other local low brow artists.  He has a taste for the imaginative and we've collected one another's work over the past several years.  He's even been nice enough to rope me into local events and warn everyone else about me and my art beforehand!

The paintings Richard exhibited tonight in LOTS OF RED DOTS took tradition from the china his mother painted with a technique where she used one small dot of red paint to draw the viewer in with the most active of all colors.  Richard used this technique over the years and you could walk through his installation and experience the ruddy magnetism of each to your eye.  At times they are subtle and in other paintings, they appeared more like a laser sight on a gun, for which I accused Richard of having a more macabre intention with the work!

Here are some great pictures my wife Aurora got this evening...

One of Richard's Sci-Fi inspired sculptures!

From Richard's show, we worked our way down Franklin Street to the Roxy Regional Theatre to the Valentine's Day exhibit...

Miranda and I with our collaborative illustrated triptych 
Click HERE for a blog entry I put up last year about this collaborative work which was exhibited for the first time tonight!

Chad Spann with his crowd-pleaser... it's hair, but from where?

Nathan Parker's "Mars and Venus"

Miranda and I with her mother, Barbara's painting!
Nate Dog

My ravishing wife, Aurora and I outside the theatre

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