Sunday, October 28, 2012

DEVIL'S NIGHT is Coming...

Red Pen on Card Stock
 DEVIL'S NIGHT (the Eve of Halloween) became infamous from annual waves of vandalism and arson in Detroit rooting back to the 1970's.  What started as pranking in the form of dozens of wasted eggs and rolls of toilet paper began as early as the 1940's  grew into a much more macabre celebration.  The past 20 years have seen lighter times but I'm here to fire it up for you this Tuesday with some devil-themed artwork and a new Top 10 list of the Greatest Satanic Performances of All Time!

The past couple of years, I've counted down to Halloween with previews from my Zombie Walk of Fame series.  I was delighted to be asked by several followers this month what I had in store this year.  The zombie series is FINISHED I'm beyond elated to say!  The 101 zombie portraits are now in the infant stages of becoming a book which will be available for download and paperback purchase next year!

Get spooky with me Tuesday for a special Devil's Night post and on Halloween Day, I'll also countdown my Top Horror Movies of All Time!  For now, here's a couple of recent Doodles to warm you up...

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