Sunday, October 14, 2012

PREVIEW of GLOW: An Illuminated Art Event at B.B. KING's

One of my all-time favorite art exhibits is Untitled Nashville's GLOW show! GLOW serves as the group's annual fundraiser featuring fluorescent artwork under black lights as well as self-lit installations!  Of course, there will also be the usual Untitled shenanigans to boot including LIVE Music and a GLOWing Costume Contest! The show takes place THIS Friday evening at B.B. King's up in Downtown Nasty starting at 7PM.  A $5 donation to this non-profit art group gets you in to see it all!  Here's a brand new collaborative painting I created with Charles "Wolfman" Bennett a couple of weeks back for the show... Of course you'll have to come out Friday night to see it completely finished and LIT!

Imperial March of the Fowl King (florescent spray paint and acrylics on wood / 2012)

Of course Wolfie and I are no strangers to GLOW so we got together with a pretty decent game plan in mind last weekend. Florescent paints can be tricky to work with but we've done a handful of these exhibits and tried different techniques.  The original idea we started with was a "monster parade" which turned more militant as we went along!  Here are some process pictures from the afternoon of painting...

We used the florescent spray paints and leaves along with yard pickings to create some effects..


These florescent-sprayed nails will be tapped along the edge of the painting as a border!

Here's a little tease of the Glowing Action!

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