Saturday, October 6, 2012

REMASTERING the MONKEY CHRIST (Tribute to Cecelia Gimenez)

We are all born into this world as artists.  The pursuit of the compulsion to create is an odd and arduous one.  Much of this roots back to childhood encouragement and drive.  Some of us harness that passion and run with it from childhood.  Others revisit it later in life.  Recently an 81 year old woman named Cecelia Gimenez took her passion for painting to her local church where she became a world-wide sensation overnight for her "restoration" of an 18th century fresco painting of Christ, Ecce Home by Elias Garcia Martinez which graced the Sanctuary of Mercy Church in Spain.  The painting, which was in disrepair received an incredible transformation at the amateur artist's hands.  Whether compared to a Monkey, E.T. or a Werewolf, this painting has gone viral throughout the world as thousands flock to the now-famous church to see Cecelia Gimenez's work.  Inspired by her courage and passion, I decided to "cover" Ecce Home for your pop surrealist pleasure!

Inks on Bristol / 2012


  1. Everyone indeed is an artist.That is not to say that all are excellent.Some are really excellent in a particular field.And yet, some are excellent in their own way and to other's perception.


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