Tuesday, October 23, 2012

LEGALIZE NATURE (Earth's Essence)

Cannabis has been utilized by humans for holistic and spiritual use for thousands of years.  This year, nearly ONE MILLION Americans will be arrested for possessing or consuming this harmless plant.  We live in a society where Big Pharma reports obscene profits year after year while creating the pharmaceuticals which now kill more people than any other unnatural cause.  Marijuana has not claimed one human life by using it.  In fact, a person would have to smoke hundreds of joints in a sitting to even die from the smoke (which would cause carbon monoxide poising.)  It would be like overdosing on turnip greens... not happening in this reality.  Raise your voice to lend your own mind to change.  The Prohibition of the 1920's was a failed policy which was easily overturned.  The Prohibition of our generation has a much harsher consequence ending with more prisoners than any other country in the world.  The War on Drugs FAILED over a TRILLION DOLLARS ago!  Tell the government you want the money pit of failed drug policies to end and give the public free market access to this age-old medicinal plant.

Acrylics and Spray Paint on Wood / 2012 / Brandt Hardin and Charles "Wolfman" Bennett

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