Wednesday, March 23, 2016

BERNIE SANDERS: The Visionary Politician

The America we grew up in taught us to dream big- there are no limits to what can be accomplished in our country (and the world).  Bernie Sanders dreams big for all of us and has changed our country's political discussion by addressing issues which matter to the people who build our nation- it's citizens.  He's lit a fire within many of us by speaking common sense politics about saving the Middle Class in America.  He packs arenas quicker than any rock star on the planet and speaks with a startling honesty.  His vision is a thriving, educated working class with equal rights and he's helping us all to see it and make it our reality.

"Bernie Sanders: The Visionary Politician" (Inks on Bristol Board / 2016 / Brandt Hardin)

Bernie wants the working class (yeah- that's you) to have access to the opportunities we were promised growing up here in America.  Each of us should live a prosperous life if we put in the work.  We've heard him say it time and again: "Nobody who works 40 hours a week should be living in poverty."  The American Dream falls short of this for too many hard working families.  Not only should citizens who pay their dues not have to worry about keeping the lights turned on, they should have universal access to healthcare and a fair education from the taxes they pay as well!  Crazy right?  Seems perfectly logical to many of us and Bernie's helped make it a national discussion after fighting decades for citizen's rights.  Our minimum wage is a third of what it should be. Our healthcare costs are the highest on the planet yet we are among the most prosperous of nations.  The workers of such a wealthy nation should prosper too for they pay into its success.

From war profiteering to corporate welfare, corporations prop up a billionaire class with a system which privatizes profits and socializes losses.  Establishment politicians sponsored by Big Business exist solely to stagnate political process.  These puppet politicians hold down wages, allow the outsourcing of jobs, and limit worker rights here at home.  In leading by example, Bernie Sanders has shown a better path to putting voter's rights at the forefront of his message.  First as an Independent and now as a legitimizing force within the Democratic Party, he's ran grassroots campaigns with his donations coming almost exclusively from voters and labor unions.  He represents workers' interests first and foremost as he leads the battle cry for corporations and their owners to be held accountable for the livelihood of the employees who make their record profits possible.

Bernie Sanders is a visionary and a voice which spans generations.  From witnessing first hand humanitarian icons such as Martin Luther King Jr march for civil rights to standing against the Iraq War, he's fought for the voice of citizens every step of the way.  He is the standard bearer for the honest representation of constituents.  Bernie has always fought for the rights of the working class and will continue to do so no matter what political office he holds tomorrow.  He'll still be on our side.

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