Sunday, March 27, 2016


For the past few years, I've kept a small sketch book handy to keep my hands out of trouble and my mind active.  This is a new-found practice with my craft since I've never really kept an actual book of drawings since I was in my early twenties (and none of those ended up filled completely).  With the first of these mini books completed early last year, I felt the urge to continue the course a few months later.  I began a Sketch Diary back in the fall which my sister purchased for me.  One of the practices I've enjoyed in these books is sketching small decorative eggs.  I've drawn a handful of these throughout the new book so far.  I found it fitting to share them with you today considering the holiday. Some are just random decorations from my imagination and some are pop-based. (Click HERE to see the batch of Eggs I shared from my last book!)  Enjoy!

Apocalypse Egg

Visionary Egg

Vader Egg

Stormtrooper Egg

Infinity Egg

Batman Egg

Bane Egg

Where does all this Easter Bunny business come from anyways?  Click HERE to read Oschter Haws: An Easter Tale of Calamity and Woe, an article by Mike Chambers about Jesus's Return to claim his holiday from the retched Bunny from Hell!  It also features artwork from yours truly!

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