Friday, March 18, 2016

TRUMPAGEDDON: The Hate Wave in America

Donald Trump's Presidential campaign runs off a bitter fuel.  Energized by a pungent mix of celebrity worship and polarized politics, he's caught lightning in a bottle and much of America is drinking the punch.  We all have family and friends intoxicated by the brash bolstering claims and lavish promises which are driving a record number of Conservatives to the polls.

"Trumpageddon" (Inks on Bristol Board / 2016 / Brandt Hardin)

Post-racial America has found itself not so free of racism (or sexism for that matter). Hate is one of the most powerful of all human emotions.  For centuries, leaders have tapped into hate and fear to extort the loyalty of their followers.  Politicians have long perfected this as a polarizing tool.  They fixate on religious, racial and sexual issues, driving voters to either side of the isle out of fear of change and fear of anything which may contradict their beliefs.  Donald Trump feeds off those fears and armed with nothing more than a flair for the dramatic, has the country eating out of his hand.  He promises a future free of minority influence to culture, free of ties to foreign influence, free of government interference in our lives.  The fantasy he weaves sounds like the Promised Land to much of today's Conservative White America.  Speaking at a fourth grade level, his statements have been found to be false over three-quarters of the times he speaks.  In reality, he stands for nothing close to the true Conservative values, the best of which helped build our Nation.

The Donald has never served a day in public office, has never served his country in any altruistic fashion and has bankrupted his own company four times over.  Even if a government were meant to be run as a business, Trump would not be qualified for the job.  The President of the United States should be compassionate, even-tempered and thoughtful in their choice of message and words as they set the example for an entire nation and world to follow.  The reality-television age has created a society where drama is expectant in our every day lives.  Trump delivers this drama through the low-road lambasting of his rivals, provoking violence from his followers and speaking the absurd as a guise of bravery.  The ratings are high and viewers want to renew the show for a new season by voting him into office.  Television is scripted, its heavily edited and if something doesn't work, they can always do another take.  There are no reshoots and second takes in leading the free world.  One financial misstep can drop an entire generation into poverty and recession.  One bolstering, misplaced insult can set in motion the circumstance for World War.

If you're entertained by politics like never before in your life, consider it's a sport which wasn't meant to be entertaining.  Please consider the qualifications needed to guide a nation.  Would you hire a clown to fix your car?  Don't hire an inflated television personality to fix our country.


  1. Shitstorm headed your way! BTW I love it!! :)

    1. Thanks for the love before the impending hate storm Joel!

  2. Incredible job of hitting it right on, Brandt! I knew about your great visual art talent but not about your superb writing skills! Thanks for this.


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