Friday, March 11, 2016

#FreeArtMovement: Altruism in the Arts

Imagine walking along the sidewalk and something on the ground just outside the line of travel catches your attention.  If it's a $20 bill then OH Lucky Day! We all know the feeling of finding a gift from the Universe whether it be time left on a parking meter or that cash on the sidewalk.  Imagine if it were a work of art you could take home and hang on your wall!  Something to behold and tell a story about time and again.  Artists across the globe in various communities have taken up the call for creating such moments for total strangers.  This is called the #FreeArtMovement!  Keep an eye on my social media accounts and you just may catch a random drop!  Sometimes folks from Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram are the first to see the post and make it to their prize on time.  Other times, a total stranger finds the art.  Here are some examples of #FAM posts I've shared the past few months...

If you are interested in finding art or if you're a local artist wanting to join in on the fun, check out the local groups below...

Christina saw the above post last week on Facebook and had her fiance Layne drive her to Hastings as fast as he could!  She shared this picture afterwards!
A matted print of "Topsy-Turvy: Belcher" left at a local convenience store

Abandoned building drop on Riverside

Lightpole Post off Ft Campbell Blvd in the middle of a parking lot

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