Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Graduation Portrait for Evan

Over the past several years, my buddy Joel Ray has amassed quite a few works of art from me and created a family art collection in the process.  I've illustrated a memorial portrait of his Uncle Joey riding his Harley and drew both is sons as Super Heroes (which may be my own personal favorite portrait commission)! I even created a childhood portrait of Joel Ray himself and his sister as children in their father's arms.  Recently, he asked me to create another work of art for his youngest son Evan who was graduating High School last week.  Evan is on his school wrestling team and his dad wanted the portrait to be of him in his wrestling gear.  This is a smaller 5in x 7in illustration so there's quite a bit crammed into a small space.  I tried my best to make Evan's baby face look fierce- he seemed to like the end result!  Joel Ray got a pic of us when they dropped by the home studio to pick up their art recently...

Interested in getting a portrait of your own?  Message me via for commission inquiries!  I'd love to discuss your ideas with you for memorial portraits, superhero / cosplay portraits and even pet portraits! Mention for a 20% Discount on 5x7s!

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