Saturday, July 16, 2011

Countdown to Southern Pop Surrealism: 5 Hours and Counting

Whoooooo- just woke up to start the day down here in the Big Easy.  Nick and Myron took me down to the Marigny last night for tons of live music including Latin, Reggae, Jazz, Funk and even a little Punk Country.  I've managed to avoid the tourist crowd and my buddies have truly shown me the real New Orleans this weekend.  Down in this riverside neighborhood, you find all the street vendors and musicians that aren't allowed to set up in the touristy French Quarter.  Folks sell steaks and sausages right off grills in the street.  One young poet was sitting in a shiny new trash can with a green wig and typing out poems on the spot on her typewriter.  Myron bought me a poem- his letter to the trash in the ocean, which the gal wrote out for us freestyle.  We finished the night up with burgers at Igor's after 3AM and having a beer on the levee and getting kicked out of the riverfront park.
That's life on Decatur St- the dog even had a collection box beside him.  He scored a buck off of us.  This is a real picture Nick got from his phone (people keep asking...)

Enjoy these few sneak peeks of our installation from yesterday and drop by to see the rest tonight!

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