Friday, July 29, 2011

Illustration Friday: Gag Order

"Gag Order" Inks on Paper / 2007
"Obsession" is Illustration Friday's theme today.  I've been obsessed this week with Freedom of Speech.  This month, the artistic community here in Tennessee has come under fire about our new State Law banning citizens from posting "potentially offensive" images to the internet.
I responded to this new law with a Portrait of the man who signed this law into effect, our Governor Bill Haslam.

What is more Offensive? A violation of our Civil Liberties or Art?


  1. This is very interesting...I live in TN also.

  2. Jen, our new state laws include banning offensive images from the internet, banning the word "gay" from school, banning intimidating phone calls, texts, and EVEN bumper stickers. These are all violations of our basic rights set forth in our Constitution and The First Amendment.


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