Saturday, July 30, 2011

PEACE Stickers!

I just got in my brand spankin' new foil stickers this week and have been distributing them accordingly.  I got plenty left and wanted to make them available here through!  The stickers are 3in  x 3in and superchromeshiny with my patented Peace Sign you see plastered all over my page.
I'm totally stoked about these bad boys- they pOp!

I'll mail you 2 PEACE STICKERS today for $3 (FREE shipping) They're yours for the taking if you want 'em!

Click on the picture to see the pocket lint!
Ain't got three bucks?  I need stickers too to fill up my trusty filing cabinet.  Email me at for my snail mail address and I'll send you a sticker when you send me one!
Room to grow and room to show... add to the collection- I love to trade!

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