Saturday, August 27, 2011

Double Trouble: Stevie Ray Vaughan

As we continue our journey down the dark and ripe corridors of the Cult of the Dead Star, Joebot and I are getting to some legendary names in music.  Featured today on Rock Star Martyr is Guitar God Stevie Ray Vaughan who died 21 years ago today in a tragic helicopter crash.

Here's your first look at the art to go along with the feature story today... make certain to click right over to get a face melting verbal account of Stevie Ray at Rock Star Martyr by clicking HERE...
Stevie Ray Vaughan (inks on bristol / 2011)

Here's a few process pictures I've tweeted and shared online the past couple of days as I created my portrait...


  1. Let me leave you a comment -this sucks. You do realize SRV played a Fender Stratocaster, right? Furthermore, the SRV strat has no binding, has three pickups, has a shortened whammy..particular kind of neck/headstock, particular decoration. It would have taken you two minutes to confirm what you were drawing on Google.
    To depict him with anything else is sacrilege - and shows how little you research your subjects. As far as I'm concerned, your portrayal is worthless meaning --having no value whatsoever. I'd suggest going to work as an illustrator for "Cottonelle" toilet tissue, at least people could put your renderings to good use wiping the sh!t off their asses.

  2. Awesome Comment, most of these suck son could draw these....really bad.


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