Thursday, August 18, 2011

Live Painting with Chad Spann

I hung out and got some painting out of my system last night at Spann Manor.  I've been having the itch with our Southern Pop Surrealism sessions lately and figured I'd get some practice in for our next one this coming Sunday.  Chad and I have painted together more and more frequently over the years.  Here's what we tuned in to create last night....

Our buddy Nathan dropped by to hang out during the process and it was his birthday so the painting immediately found a fitting home- happy birthday Nate!

Chad Spann can make a stencil out of ANYthing!

First Layer

Chad got straight to mixing in his High Life- he's gotta pour one for his homies on every painting.

Miller High Life and Yellow Spray Paint

No palette?  Use a brick.

Chad Spann

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