Wednesday, August 24, 2011

End of an Era: Steve Jobs

Today Steve Jobs passed away after a eight year battle with cancer.  He will go down as one of the greatest visionary inventors of all time with his ushering in of such revolutionary technology the past few years.  Feel free to share your thoughts in my comment section on my portrait, now In Memoriam and how Jobs work and technology has changed our lives. 
(Detail of Steve Jobs from my illustration for VERSUS earlier this year in Nashville)


Today, technology titan Steve Jobs stepped down as CEO of Apple after revolutionizing wireless communications with the company that Fortune Magazine called Most Admired Company in the World the past three consecutive years.  Illustriously painting the past 30 years of cyber revolution with his ideas, Jobs has left his mark on everything from modern animation with Pixar to raising the bar on every wireless device known to man.  Jobs stated in his resignation to Apple released today, "I have always said that if there ever came a day when I could no longer meet my duties and expectations as Apple’s C.E.O., I would be the first to let you know.  Unfortunately, that day has come."  This modern mogul is a cancer and organ transplant survivor who's name will surely be engraved in scientific and technological history.

I composed this sweet dose of pop surrealism earlier in the year for an exhibit I curated at MIR Gallery in Nashville, called VERSUS, where participating artists chose their combatants and gave us a match and battle of their imaginations! 
Cyborg Steve Jobs vs. Cyborg Bill Gates (inks on bristol / 2011)


  1. Pretty cool, Brandt. I've got the Steve Jobs blues today and your post/cyborg graphics gave this old comics nerd a smile. Got cheap prints available?

  2. Comic Nerd Anonymous, no prints of this guy yet- guess I should get some on my next run, huh?

  3. I like your work very much and hope to get your autograph? Thank you so much for sharing...
    Awesome and out of the World opinion.

  4. Sir
    You need to have Patent for your work...

  5. ryladie99, it's awful difficult to patent artwork or ideas. Steve Jobs has felt the pinch on some of his "patents" recently such as the finger swipe on Iphones. I'll give you an autograph anytime! Just drop an email!

  6. RIP Mr. Steve Jobs. You were too smart, too good that the powers that be took you out of the equation. I believe you wouldn't do it their way, and respect you tremendously for it.

  7. "Steve Jobs has felt the pinch on some of his "patents" recently such as the finger swipe on Iphones."

    Err, because that would be an abuse of the patent system if he had that... People had been doing finger swipes on multitouch interfaces YEARS before Jobs.

  8. RIP... Now I will never have the I-Casket :/. Great inventor is needed in a higher plane of existence now.

  9. Not always nice. nor a sharer of wealth. where it ended leaves me baffled. SO LOVED yet so controlling...WHY? You had IT all!
    Too much $ is so sad not to remember the God given gift of wealth in passing it back to some that are needing on many
    different levels along the way. Your cup was always over flowing
    Yes, it's his right to hoard & stash for the next big project .....
    But massive millions really talks volumes TOO ME!
    Dis~ease is a person who could not forgive and forget the past.
    His blood father.... wanting to meet him just once..... It's your FATHER!
    Dis~claiming his first born child & then LIED!!! not a real man in my BOOK... as we keep track of these things called intregrety & soul growth.
    My friend just like SPJ was also brilliant eccentric shallow & often cold
    very selfish spoiling himself to be rotten on many levels & turned to drugs and booze etc. to mask the inner demons of self.
    May all who put Steve high up the ladder also see the flaws which he had to internally churn within his daily soul. Does alinement not corrected wear a hole in our hearts? RIP dear steve paul jobs your work is done here on earth.. may you children share your wealth & see the true bigger picture as all Buddist know less..... is REALLY EVERYTHING WE NEED!
    BLISS is producing BLISS nothing MORE! Such talent you carved out.
    Clothing like (a black turtle neck long sleeve shirt)
    food like (seeds nuts fruit & veggies)
    a roof over our heads (with a work bench) has always been enough...
    for most to live a lengthy & mellow life! was that your life Steve?
    Would you now choose another way if you had the option? I wonder?
    Resting knowing millions of us enjoyed the ride....
    & the APPLE of our EYE will stay bright as the Northern Star!
    STEVE PAUL JOBS a man who lived & died just as we will follow you some day..... & may we continue the journey... now wouldn't that be cool!
    I'm nothing without my daily APPLE .. & Love to all the family and friends.

  10. Interesting topic on Apple vs. Microsoft, These two companies are brand and they oppose each other in the field of technology. i just comment on the picture, really the best art I ever seen. Very attractive picture thanks for sharing.

    Jessey Ellen

  11. Thanks so much for the great comment Jessey!

  12. Sad, so sad.

  13. Dude, Steve Jobs would have been a kick-ass cyborg, and he would've had the sleekest, coolest cybernetics designed for himself. He will be greatly missed.

  14. I came here via some NPR spamming you did, just to see if the work didn't suck. It doesn't suck, but it's not that good either. If I were you, I'd focus on perfecting my technique before I focused on self promotion. It'll help you sell more prints in the long run.

  15. Brilliant work. Steve Jobs changed the lives of so many people and will be sadly missed by all.

  16. This may surprise shaun, but i bet selling your prints isnt your primary motivation. ;)

  17. Well you know me J... glad you're on MY side too.


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