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LET THEM ART this Saturday will be the 3rd lowbrow group exhibit hosted by No Egrets Tattoo and curated by Joe Melanson which I've participated in. I'll be painting live in the flesh and the show is to help raise money for Second Harvest Food Bank with artists donating work for a silent auction.  This will be a great chance to get some affordable art and guess what, you can even write it off on your taxes!!!  I certainly hope to see a slew of my Clarksvegas and Nastyville folk down at the show for more art than you can shake a stick at, LIVE Painting, NUDE Body Painting, PHOTO Booth, LIVE Music and much more MADness!

Also, check out my blogs about our previous two exhibits at No Egrets to get an idea of what you're in for Saturday Night...


A one night only=


1128 College St. Clarksville, TN 37040

Saturday, August 27th 7pm-10pm
***donations at door gladly accepted. all funds raised at the door will be given to The Second Harvest Food Bank ***

Come join us this Saturday, August 27th at No Egrets Tattoo Studios from 7pm until 10pm for a one night art event called LET THEM ART!!

Your senses will be treated to a HUGE ART EXHIBIT and EVENT by some of Nashville and Clarksville's finest low-brow under-ground highly talented artists.

+ Visual art brought to you by:
Ricky Cavaness
Gin Edwards
Jeff Bertrand
Brandt Hardin
Ash Sivils
Charles Bennett
Mark Griffin
Brooke E.
Amber Fair
Heather Brothers
Kevin Rupe
Leah Roach
Tania Risko
Yessica Gazangaz
Katie Wilson
Joey Petrone
Antonia Cassida
Amy Rouyer
Skip Pollock
William Howe
Micah Caputo
Trent Singer
Chad Spann
Mike Coriatty
Joe Melanson

+ Nude body painting by:
Michelle "Body Paint" Thornhill (model will be wearing a bikini)

+ Photo booth by:

Anjeanette Illustrations.
open to all who want to participate.

+ Jewelry showcase of high end punk/military gear by:
April Haven Nicolaides

+ Stencil work on garments by:
Maria Drawdy

Many of the artists have found it in their hearts to donate a work of art towards a silent auction. All money made by the artists will be given to a charity of their choosing. Come on out and support the cause and help the artist's achieve their quest to raise money for a program that will help deserving people in need.

+ Live painting by:
Jeff Bertrand & Brandt Hardin

+ Music brought to your ears by the 2 hottest dj's on the art circuit:

Taco Garay and Ugly Lovely
...phat beats and flawless spins

+ Cupcakes provided for you by:
Gin Edwards

Food to chomp on and water to fight off dehydration.

Come out to view Clarksville's biggest art event on
Saturday, August 27th.
7:00 pm til 10:00 pm.
No Egrets 1128 College St. Clarksville Tenn. 37040

LET THEM ART brought to you by Joe Melanson and Ben Drawdy of No Egrets tattoo studios

UPDATE 08/28/2011

If you missed the exhibit last night, Joe Melanson and the No Egrets Staff provided us with another finely executed display of some wonderfully talented folks!  I was also in good company with a slew of local friends showing out to lend their support to the arts.  Here are some pics from the show...

The real reason Joe curates these shows is to get Gin Edward's cupcakes!
Here's the live painting I did with Jeff Bertrand and Charles Bennett.  Jeff had brought a sketch in for this painting session for which we called him a dirty cheater.  We decided it wasn't cheating if we ALL drew Jeff's sketch so we worked up three interpretations.  Note Jeff (center) and Charles (right) have flying figures with wings while my guy has the power of flatulence.
Anjeanette Illustration set up a photo booth to take pics of the patrons and artists of our show!  I'll share some of them as well just as soon as she has them ready! also with her own display of recent works.

Here's a pic Aurora got while Anjeanette was working with her backdrop and getting pictures of some gals who were painted live at the show!

Dustin Dirt!

Taco laying down the jamz for us

I thought Skip Pollock stole the show with these new works!

Brooke E and Julian Herrera


Ash Sivils getting a bid in on Joey Petrone's painting

Chad Spann's new works, one of which we took home from the silent auction

Charlie was happy to get ahold of the Jameson

Jacobi Christ

Paintings by Jay Mean

Styrofoam Art - now THAT's lowbrow!

Anjeanette Illustration is both a very accomplished illustrator and photographer.  This past weekend she set up at our show and took some great shots which she released as she edited them this week.  Here's some familiar faces and what she did with them...
Myself, Jeff and Charles with our live painting from the show that night

Art is Hell chewing Tennessee Humidity in a Warehouse
Aurora and I

Our Curator Joe Melanson

Randi and Scottie

Some of my folk from the show!

Doug and Amber out on their Anniversary weekend!

Here's a few more shots I couldn't help but pass along...

Myself with Jacobi Christ - Photo by Chad Spann

Balls by Chad Spann (The most coincidental picture I've ever seen)

Joe Melanson by Chad Spann

Cool shot by Mark Griffin of my recording of our live painting

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