Wednesday, August 10, 2011

2011 Tomato Art Fest

A classic local East Nashville tradition continues this Saturday with Tomato Art Fest!  All day long, the Five Points area will host parades, artist booths, art shows and all sorts of tomato-related contests and fun for the whole family!  The best part is it's absolutely free!
Art & Invention Gallery (who hosts the Tomato Art Show annually) found homes for two of my illustrations last year in their exhibit.  I was also lucky enough to win an Audience Award for my Tomato Art!  This year, I've entered three works again for inclusion.  The main entry must be about tomatoes, which I'm previewing for you here today.  The other two works are fruit and vegetable inspired and you'll have to drop by the show Friday or Saturday to see what else I've put up (hint: one is from my Topsy-Turvy series!)
"Hear No, Speak No, See No Ketchup" Inks on Bristol Triptych / 2011

Here are some process pictures from my Tomato Art this year...

Getting my line work done after my initial sketch

Finished line work

Click HERE for a slew of photos from the 2010 Tomato Art Festival to see what you're in for THIS year!

UPDATE 08/14/2011

The Tomato Art Fest was a terrific experience yesterday.  It was a perfect Tennessee day despite our humidity and tons of folks turned out for this East Nashville tradition.  The residents of the 5 Points neighborhood really have a community spirit and give back to their arts scene and local businesses.  We had the pleasure of picking up some really neat hand made jewelry and prints from local artists.  Even better news was finding out one of my works sold from the Tomato Art Show at Art and Invention Gallery.  I'd like to give a Special Thanks to Meg and her gallery for finding good homes for my work in last year AND this year's shows!

After sweating it out in East Nasty, we headed down to Dan and Colleen's house for some much needed R&R after the roller coaster of work the past few weeks.  While the artist lie low and caught up with friends, my wife Aurora got creative and if you are a constant reader, you already know she takes some wonderful pictures for me at my shows.  Here's what she got into last night with some friends of ours...

Tarot Reading


It looks like a light bulb going off over my head! 
The Glenlivet 21 Year Archive... giggidy

In Vino Veritas

Inspired times with inspired friends.  It's the productive summers that I'll never forget.  Dan and I are figuring out how to take over the world with my website one scotch tasting session at a time on the middle road between reminiscence and aspiration.... thanks again brother!  Any spirit brewed when we were in the 4th grade is fortune in a glass.  I came home this morning and rode the energy, writing my 9/11 article.


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